"Our pillar of values are ingrained into everything we do. It's the most important piece of our company. It's truly who we are."

who is impact healthcare management?

the Impact Pillar of values







  • Is honest and has strong moral principles
  • Has good character and leads by example at all times
  • Is open and honest about successes and failures
  • Makes appropriate and ethical decisions in difficult situations
  • Is enthusiastic and has a desire and willingness to get things done
  • Demonstrates ownership and continuous improvement
  • is ambitions and takes initiative for growth and development
  • Determined to make a positive contribution to the hospital, community, and company
  • Takes action in carrying out or accomplishing a task or function 
  • Anticipates and exceeds expectations to fully deliver high quality work
  • Actively participates in our financial success by optimizing resources
  • Maintains a high level of energy and activity toward achieving goals and objectives
  • Is a sharp thinker and has the ability to draw conclusions quickly
  • Embraces evidence based practices
  • Thinks outside the box and creates unique ways to improve service quality
  • Incorporates technology to improve outcomes
  • Sympathetic and shows concern for suffering or misfortunes of others
  • Has a tender heart and shows genuine interest in what is important to others
  • Listens and desires to understand the thoughts, opinions and needs of others
  • Displays a caring and friendly attitude and supports others through any situation
  • Recognizes the contributions of others and advocates teamwork
  • Is cooperative and respects one another and the part they play in our success
  • Promotes unity and consistently treats others with courtesy and respect
  • Learns from experience and shares with others

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