Everyone in contact with impact healthcare should have an exceptional experience including the patients, who express this daily through excellent patient satisfaction surveys.

about impact healtHcare management

our care and dedication to people is second to none

At Impact Healthcare, we pride ourselves on being an agile and flexible company that is easy to work with. With decades of clinical and healthcare business experience and proven success, we operate within a patient focused, customer focused, performance based, action oriented culture where results are guaranteed. 

To One-Eighty patients, we offer a unique approach to medical withdrawal stabilization with a quality of care that is second to none. Proven treatment protocols offered in a hospital based, acute care setting provide an atmosphere for care quality that patients appreciate for its privacy, confidentiality and effectiveness. One-Eighty puts its patients on a pathway of hope for the future that is a 180 degree turn away from alcohol and drugs. 

To hospital executives, we offer a unique opportunity to find new revenue for their facility that is tied driectly to meeting a pervasive community health need. With no capital investment, renovations, or upfront costs required, the opportunity exist for significant revenue enhancement with very little risk or financial exposure.

To our employees, we offer opportunities for career development and rewards. Excellent performance deserves excellent recognition and we enjoy sharing company success with company employees. At the same time, we expect a commitment to excellence in performance that supports the success of our patients and clients. Impact Healthcare is a company built for elite performers.

We love what we do. We love that One-Eighty has a positive impact on the lives of its patients. We love that we have a positive impact on the lives of executives at our client facilities by enhancing their career success. We love that our company success enhances the career success of our employees and has a positive impact on their lives. We love making a difference. We love having an impact. This is what Impact Healthcare Management is all about.

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